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About Us

We pride ourselves in the personal relationships we build with our customers, addressing sector-specific needs. each customer’s unique challenges and their personal aims for growth.

Software that Supports Your Business Goals

Even when looking at a single sector, every business has unique ways of operating, depending on their customer types, routes-to-market, delivery radius & frequency of deliveries, as well as the preference of how that business and its people operate best. 


To find a solution that wraps itself around how an operation ideally wants to operate, close relationships and attention to detail need to be achieved from our side.

Why RouteMagic?

We understand that integrating a new system into your business can feel daunting so, we've simplified the process for you.

Following a consultation period during which we map out

your requirements, our implementation team will work

with you to transfer your existing product and

customer information into our RouteMagic system,

thereby streamlining your current processes into one

easy to

use platform.

Once your data has been migrated, we tailor the app

to your specifications and thoroughly test every aspect

of the build, collaborating with you at each stage to make sure that we achieve the desired outcome. To ensure a seamless transition we liaise with your project team to deliver a successful rollout to both office and mobile end users.

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Who we are

When choosing RouteMagic as your order management and route planning solution you’re not just getting premium logistics software. You’re also buying into 20+ years of experience in helping businesses like yours achieve their goals when it comes to streamlining systems and making processes more transparent.

Our team have helped more than 80 brands reduce their operational costs by an average of 22% and improve efficiency by 30%, simply though digitising their daily operations.

With so many years of industry knowledge and experience to draw upon you can rest assured that your challenges will be understood, and your sector-specific needs catered for. Our dedicated team will take the time to understand your goals for growth and, thanks to a quick implementation and configuration process, you can be up and running with RouteMagic within a few weeks.

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