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Seamlessly integrate your existing systems & processes, so your teams can work as effectively as possible

Integrate existing systems and control your operation under one roof

RouteMagic has been developed with a quick setup, easy integrations and a short learning curve for workers in mind.


Having each of your systems aligned with each other eliminates potential issues down the line, creating a smooth day-to-day workflow where your systems speak to each other and processes are automated when they need to be.


These seamless integrations ultimately let your team have confidence in the process, so they can get on with their primary tasks whilst RouteMagic handles everything in the background.

We support full integrations with:

Business Accounting Software

Transport Management Systems

Warehouse Management Systems

Bespoke and Legacy Systems

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Integrating Systems & Integrating teams

A short learning curve and intuitive user interface

To get the most out of a system, it is important that it first integrates with existing systems for a seamless operation, but also that the system sits alongside the way your business and teams already operate.

RouteMagic  has been developed with simplicity of use in mind, meaning back-office teams and drivers can benefit from an easy-to-use interface with a short learning curve. The result is that your entire delivery operation reaps the benefits of our digital delivery solution from day one of using RouteMagic.

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Extensive integration capabilities, regardless of your size

SMB's & large enterprise

Stay in control of your finances, stock and deliveries by connecting our solution to your existing accounting software.


Our solution seamlessly integrates with Sage and many other sales ledger applications, providing smaller businesses with a complete mobile and office management system

SMB's & large enterprise

With full integration to accounting, WMS, ERP and TMS systems, RouteMagic can build on the capabilities of existing software applications, providing organisations with a fully-integrated and powerful business solution.


Various API technologies and data transfer techniques can be used to create an integrated, resulting in reliable management solution that can handle extensive integration needs.

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