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Simplifying the complex process of delivery management and tracking for automotive distribution.

Complete Order Management, delivery tracking and Proof of Delivery Solutions for Automotive Distribution

The demand for flexible and robust digital solutions in the automotive sector has grown drastically in the last decade. Sophisticated operations need comprehensive systems that help to manage demand, whilst reducing service costs and helping teams to work as productively as possible.

Customers in the sector are increasingly looking to move away from manual and paper-based ways of placing orders and receiving products. This is where RouteMagic’s sector-specific features come into play, helping operations to organise and streamline processes whilst improving worker productivity and customer service.

Digitising your operation improves visibility and traceability, letting you have a clearer view of your day-to-day and ensuring delivery fulfilment while helping you to track the growth of your business in the long term.

Route Planning & Optimisation

Consistent ETA fulfilment 

Real-time Delivery & Driver Tracking


Route Planning & Optimisation

Using a single-screen, you can plan for up to a week in advance, drafting call sequences for each route. All of the information for each order is easy to overview, to ensure ETA’s are met, the correct vehicle types are being used, and orders have been prepared appropriately.

Our Route Optimiser automatically calculates the quickest route for a driver once their orders are assigned to the day’s delivery schedule, saving your planning team time which can be invested elsewhere in the business. 

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Sales Order Processing

Our Sales Order System allows for unparalleled order processing, streamlining the stages between order creation and fulfilment. It achieves this in crucial steps that are synchronised and feed from one to the next automatically:

  • Integrations with existing ordering systems (telephone, fax, email, outbound, etc)


  • Sales orders automatically flow through the stages of creation, picking, packing, and then loading, before tracking each stage of its journey to the customer

  • Once delivered, invoices can be generated, reviewed, and emailed to the customer within hours of the delivery

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Real-Time Visibility & Delivery Tracking

Using our Route Monitor, your teams can skim the single-screen and be updated on each order and each route, and the progress the driver has made. Once a delivery has been made, the delivery report is accessible from your offices. 


For your drivers, our mobile app offers both sign-on-glass technology, along with the option of a photographic delivery confirmation, both being automatically drawn into a delivery report.


This allows for a more convenient service for both driver and customer, decreases the time spent executing a delivery, eliminates paper processes, and promises accountability.

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Returns Management

Returned parts are managed as the driver uses their mobile device to take an order. This management of RMAs includes the reason why the product has been returned before refunds can be issued. Costs are calculated by the app, and the van’s inventory will be automatically adjusted.


Once returning to the warehouse or depot, your drivers can log the stock changes made as they unload their vans, without having to use paper records. 


Quickly and efficiently unload vehicles and automate stock adjustments, while your office teams have full visibility of the changes made. 

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