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After over 20 years of trading, Roofing and materials suppliers, About Roofing, implements a new system to handle their complex dispatch management process alongside introducing other functionality

Workforce Management



Trading for over 20 years, About Roofing, are a family run business, supplying a wide range of quality roofing supplies & materials through four branches in Surrey and Sussex.

They have a fleet of 12 vehicles, offering next day delivery on a wide range of roofing and building materials. About Roofing had been using our previous System, M-POS, for over 5 years and implemented our software to integrate with their SAGE 200 system so they could utilise our route planning and proof of delivery functionality.

In 2021, About Roofing investigated the opportunity to host the M-POS system in the cloud as they wanted to move away from on-premise servers. The opportunity was then taken to compare MESL’s latest delivery management system - RouteMagic.


Being in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, About Roofing wanted to automate the delivery confirmation as much as possible. They wanted to do this while providing customers with precise ETA’s, and sharing the view of completed and upcoming deliveries across all of their offices.

Unique Requirements

The dispatch management process at About Roofing is extremely dynamic, with vehicles returning to depots throughout the day to load their next deliveries. This meant that the real-time view, truck tracking and job allocation features offered by RouteMagic was a major requirement.

With the exception of the starting jobs, work is allocated to the next available truck as they become free, with the added complication that the trucks must return to the home depot at the end of the day.

Roof Construction

The clarity and ease at which their teams can allocate work using our Route Planner helped to make their decision to implement RouteMagic.


Proof of delivery was the original requirement 5 years ago and remains so today. With RouteMagic, About Roofing have an enhanced solution that is easy and fool-proof for the drivers to operate.

Workforce Management

For each job, a specific POD workflow can be specified, including whether signatures and photographs of goods on-site are required, along with receipt numbers if a ‘booking in’ system exists.


So the site can be prepared for the delivery, RouteMagic texts ahead once the previous delivery is completed.

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Flexibility & Communication

The real improvements seen with the implementation is the added flexibility RouteMagic has allowed their operation to have, along with how the system is able to support staff from multiple branches who are all accessing the system simultaneously.


This accessibility and communication ensure that customers delivery queries are easily answered on the first call, without the need to contact drivers manually to establish the facts.

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