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Covetrus integrates and digitises their global medical distribution operation, eliminating paper and ensuring delivery consistency with the implementation of a new system

Route Optimisation

Order fulfilment

Eliminating paper processes

Covetrus is a global animal health, dental and medical distribution business with a turnover of $12 billion, employing 5,000 workers and operating in 26 countries.

From its division based out of Annacotty, Co. Limerick, Covetrus supplies animal health products to large animal and companion animal veterinary clinics throughout the Republic of Ireland. IOt employs over 55 people and occupies two warehouses in Limerick with over 52,000 square feet of operating space.

Offering a next day delivery service, often with multiple deliveries to the same customer, Covetrus identified a critical need for better visibility, and to have the confidence that orders were fulfilled on time and the correct locations. Additionally, as they supply many regulated products, there was a need to track the package from picking to customer acceptance.

Route Optimisation

Covetrus selected RouteMagic as their delivery solution and elected to implement it alongside their existing SAP system, to manage route optimisation, load verification and proof of delivery.


From SAP, RouteMagic receives the overnight delivery manifest for each route, with each delivery package barcoded.


The dispatch team are able to optimise each delivery route and drivers can scan the delivery packages onto their van.

Image by Ayla Verschueren

Order fulfilment

The scanning of deliveries eliminates the chance of an incorrect load, and the dispatch team can view the status of each route, and see how many packages have been loaded, and how many are waiting to be loaded, at any time. This allows the team to make decisions to release a partially loaded vehicle and move delayed orders to later routes, ensuring routes are dispatched without unnecessary delays.


At the delivery address, the process is reversed and the driver scans the package barcode against the customer order, ensuring the correct package is always given.


Once a delivery is completed, the delivery status for that customer is updated and can be viewed by the Customer Services team on the Route Monitor, with instant access to the signed Proof of Delivery, which can then be emailed to the customer.

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Eliminating paper records & minimising manual error

The adoption of the RouteMagic system has dramatically reduced the number of errors experienced throughout the delivery process, and the electronic proof of delivery mechanism has removed paper delivery notes entirely, with the major benefit of not needing to scan and file these documents.


This subsequently has reduced administrative time and effort, which can be reinvested into more productive tasks.

Finally, the RouteMagic package tracking system can be used to manage the loading and delivery of any pre-packed deliveries, from frozen food in chill bags, totes or palletised loads.

Image by Wesley Tingey
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