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KHB Bakery

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Manchester-based KHB Craft Bakery streamlines their order-to-cash cycle, improves customer service & reduces admin with a digital solution from RouteMagic

Streamlining the order-to-cash cycle

Improving Customer Service

Maximising Sales and reducing admin

KHB Bakery is based in Salford, Manchester and specialises in supplying Polish bread, savouries and cakes to Wholesale customers as well as from their retail outlet at the bakery.

Managing Director, Heresh Abubakir started the business when he moved to the UK in response to the lack of genuine Polish Baked goods where he lived.

The bakery quickly built a strong local following, and now offers a 6 day-week delivery service, supplying a flourishing wholesale customer base through Manchester, Hull and Derby. Heresh identified a need to implement a new system that would manage their entire order-to-cash cycle while the business rapidly expanded its operations.

Heresh contacted MESL, looking for a single-source system that would help him manage his growing business.

Streamlining the order-to-cash cycle

The key requirement he had identified was the need to manage all the steps from taking the customer order to getting paid, updating each part of the transaction along the way.


The RouteMagic system allows their sales team to enter the telesales orders and allocate them to the correct route.


The picking lists are created for loading the trucks and the delivery drivers use the RouteMagic mobile app to make their deliveries.

The mobile app prompts the driver to collect payments if they’re servicing a cash customer, and records customer signatures and names.


Their drivers can also take photographic proof-of-delivery reports through using the app if it is an early morning delivery, and the customer isn’t present.

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Improving Customer Service

As soon as a delivery is completed it updates the office system and is shown on the Route Monitor where the customer service team can track the driver's progress through the route, view signed POD’s and estimate the time of the next delivery.

This detailed information, in an easy to digest format, provides the Customer Service team with all the information they need to be able to answer customer questions without needing to contact the driver.

The invoice for each delivery is automatically generated and payments are recorded, eliminating the manual tasks needed to post and record invoices and payments that they had to deal with before implementing RouteMagic.

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Maximising Sales and reducing admin

The sales and finance teams at KHB Craft Bakery are now far more productive than before, with cost and time savings evident throughout the organisation.


The sales team are able to see the buying history of each customer, using this information to generate today’s orders at the click of a button. They can maximise sales whilst ensuring regular products are not missed.


Furthermore, live stock information is available at the time of entering the order, allowing the team to push alternatives if items are out of stock. This way, they can avoid missing sales and keep the customer happy.

The finance team no longer need to rekey invoices and payments, saving over 3 hours a day to reinvest into more productive tasks.
Image by Yeh Xintong
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