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Food & Beverages

Prep House


Prep House remove paper processes for their mobile team, reduce admin and boost customer services with a digital helping hand.

Prep House are a speciality sauce manufacturer, servicing the retail and foodservice industries in Northern Ireland. They are a small business that relies heavily on their Van Sale drivers being the face of the company to their customers and has detailed product knowledge along with great sales skills.

We worked closely with Prep House, worked out their pain points and integrated our System, tailored to their specific needs for improvement.

The Challenges

Drivers were spending as much of their time working with their paper-based systems as they were actively spending time in front of customers.

A lot of office staff were required to enter and process this information into their accounts system, which was both time-consuming & costly.

They wanted to smoothen over inefficiencies in the workflow, deliver to customers quicker, without sacrificing quality service.

Image by Nadya Spetnitskaya

Digitising key stages of the Operation

After implementing RouteMagic's route management and CRM System, they can now:

Integrate sales order systems seamlessly

Capture batch numbers directly to devices

Automate ordering & delivery stages 

Reduce administrative time & costs

instantly print a customer's invoice.

Improving Customer Service & reducing admin

All of these adoptions leave them more time to engage with the customer and increase up-sell rates, building better relationships.


Not just the Sales Reps have benefited; in the office, hours of re-keying data have been eradicated and staff are now able to focus on productive tasks that contribute directly to the company’s success.

Image by Caroline Attwood

"The System from mobile Enterprise Systems has allowed us to service more customers with the same number of staff and certainly helped us be more efficient.”

Operations Manager, Prep House

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