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Construction & Building Materials

Smooth daily operations with reliable, consistent delivery services that put you ahead of your competition.

Go paperless with Workforce Management, Route Planning, driver tracking, and ePoD solutions, with seamless integrations into existing systems for the Construction Industry and Builders Merchants.

Powerful workplace automation to help you manage teams and jobs through a single platform. Send key details for each order and delivery to the appropriate workers, ensure compliance with rules and regulations, track and monitor progress with live updates, and access delivery and job reports from the office as soon as they are completed.

Reduced admin & manual error

Optimised Routes & faster deliveries

Complete tracking & Control


RouteMagic is the solution to digitise building companies to ensure resources are used efficiently, quality services are offered, and project deadlines are met.


Manage your entire operation under a single system, with complete control & visibility.

Building Materials

Eliminate Paper Processes & digitise your delivery operation from end-to-end

Equip your drivers with a single device to carry out all of their tasks for the day. With a single input, duplication of efforts and lost reports will be a thing of the past.

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Route Planning & Optimisation

Have all of your orders planned using a single screen, with drag-and-drop functionality which lets you clearly allocate orders onto each route manually.


Alternatively, you can pass this over to the system, which offers automated route optimisations, taking into account specific ETA’s and finding the quickest route from customer to customer for each route. 


This maximises resource and fuel efficiency and reduces route times, whilst promising that every order is fulfilled at the correct times.

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Driver tracking & Delivery Updates

The order status of a delivery, whether they have just been confirmed, picked, packed, loaded, or successfully delivered, is updated on the route monitoring screen as various stages are completed in the field. This gives you unparalleled visibility and the ability to improve responsiveness to any issues or disruptions.


Delivery notifications such as emails or texts alert customers of incoming deliveries, with our geofencing capabilities providing updates when a driver gets within a certain distance of the drop-off location. 


From any device, you can track driver locations and delivery status, so you can manage your operation from a glance, even while you’re on the go.

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“The ability to instantly access both customer and staff information has enabled me to make fact-based decisions, to have accurate information on products, customer and finance needs allows the business to plan, grow and enhance the service we provide to the customer."

Owner, Barnies

Customer self-scheduling

Customers can have access to their own client portal; place, adjust, and oversee the status of each order, or review previous orders, all from their own devices.


This reduces the time spent manually updating customers and equally provides them with a convenient way to oversee their own deliveries.

Electronic proof of delivery

Take either an electronic signature, photographic evidence, or both to confirm an order’s delivery. This record is sent from the driver’s handheld device to your offices instantly, where it can be checked over, invoices can be drafted and sent back to the customer in quick succession. 


This speeds up the overall cash flow of your business, lets your drivers work more efficiently, and improves the customer experience. Digitising the last steps of the delivery process enables you to offer flexible and convenient delivery options, even when they aren’t there to sign for their materials personally.

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Invoice & Payment Management

Once proof-of-delivery reports have reached your offices, invoices can either be automatically generated or manually created through the digital system, where they are prepared and ready to be exported to your existing accounting systems and sent to the customers. 


The completely digital management of these last delivery stages helps customers receive their invoices swiftly, and ultimately speeds up the cash flow of your operation.

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