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A simple yet extensive solution for complete management and visibility under one roof.

Complete management for Pharmaceutical Distributors, Cleaning Suppliers, and Healthcare Services, from end-to-end

RouteMagic provides functionality to control key processes from managing products & prices, inventories, ordering stages, and final-mile tracking, all while being a user-friendly system that ensures worker productivity and complete control of your operations.


Automate Communications

Live Delivery

Order Management

Align each of your sales order processes so they seamlessly run into our system.


Plan daily and weekly routes with our system automating the flow from order placement, picking, packing & loading, to driver tracking, proof-of-delivery, invoice creation and payments. 

 With a clear, sequenced order processing feature, any outstanding or delayed orders are highlighted so ETA’s can be met, and 100% order fulfilment can be achieved.

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Electronic Proof-of-Delivery

With both sign-on-glass and photographic proof-of-delivery available for your drivers using our app, they can ensure deliveries are fulfilled to each customer's specific instructions or needs.

This avoids disputes concerning contactless deliveries, or deliveries being made while customers are unable to sign personally.

These reports can be sent immediately to both your team and the customer, to keep everyone in the loop and ensure accountability for 100% of deliveries.

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"Without the system, we’d need three to four people to do what one person can now do"

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Mr Scratchings Ltd

Inventory Control

Our mobile delivery app accounts for all inventory changes, order adjustments, returns and stock loaded or unloaded in real-time. These updates and adjustments are automated by the system and are passed through to office and warehousing systems. 


With tighter, more accurate control of stock levels, operations can avoid both stock pileage and insufficiencies by re-stocking at the right times, or managing stock levels using strategic promotions and discounts.

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Product Management

Record each item with its measurement, barcode type, picture and default selling price easily visible on one page. Improve the organisation of your inventories using product groups, and include images of each item, to ensure the right products are prepared in the appropriate packages before they are loaded for delivery.


You can also record your internal standard costs, making the profitability of discounts & promotions easy to track and monitor

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