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The Importance of Communication for Distribution Businesses

Quick and clear channels of communication minimise error, improve response times to those unavoidable disruptions, allows last-minute changes to be made without slowing down the day’s operation, as well as allowing teams to focus on their tasks.

The result of seamless communications is a flexible business, which can operate effectively without manual updates from business to customer, improving customer service in the process.

How does RouteMagic improve communication?

For your teams

RouteMagic offers a seamlessly connected back-office system and a mobile application, used by van drivers.

The System is fully digital, and cloud-based, meaning all of the day’s activities are shared between the two.

At the start of the day, your drivers log in to their mobile app and download their route, which is passed from the back office once planned and orders are scheduled.

From here, they log the picking, packing and loading stages of their day’s deliveries directly onto the app, along with checking overstocks, and manually adding stock where needed. As soon as each task is completed, reports and records are sent back to the office where they are automatically organised by RouteMagic.

Live-route data allows your teams to track driver locations, delivery status’ and E-PoDs. This real-time data means drivers don’t need to manually provide updates, allowing both them and office teams to get on with their primary tasks each day.

The result is a smooth day-to-day operation with structured workflows for your entire team to follow without disruption.

For your customers

Your customers can use our Client Portal to place, adjust, and check for updates on each delivery, from their own devices. They can also review previous sales records and outstanding credit status’.

On the day of their delivery, automatic texts or emails can be sent from the driver’s app, alerting them of upcoming deliveries. RouteMagic is fitted with Geo-fencing alert technology, so when your drivers are within a certain radius from the customer, they are automatically informed.

Customer updates

For each delivery, your customers can be kept in the loop, with automation providing a helping hand where possible, reducing time spent manually updating whilst allowing a more flexible, convenient ordering process for your customers.

Improving communication is a crucial factor leading to a simple and structured delivery operation, which is consistently efficient and lets each team member work as productively as possible. Great communication using a digital system that automates where possible and keeps everyone in the loop results in each process flowing into the next, and a seamless workflow.

If you'd like to find out more about how a digital system could help your teams communicate more effectively, you can speak to one of our team members using the details below, or fill out a contact form.


T: 07984 685 403

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