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We provide a suite of inter-connected SaaS products to digitize B2B Goods Distribution Operations

We help businesses leverage the ‘Magic of Technology’ to unlock their full potential.

Making Your Team Life Easier 

Complete Control

Real-time data from the field, driver tracking and automated delivery alerts, keeping you in control and your teams in the loop.

Eliminate Paper

Adopt more sustainable approach and eliminate the traditional problems associated with paper processes.

Zero Capex

With no hosting system, specialist devices or licenses, you can take your go paperless with an extensive 'out-of-the-box' solution.

Go Live in 4 steps

Input your existing company data, customise your workflow, and digitise your entire operation with our 4 step onboarding process.

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Development Services

DI's Advanced Technologies Group (DIATG) is a team of client-focused, super highly trained & experienced IT professionals dedicated to finding innovative ways to deliver better business results.

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Talent for Hire

We help employers with the hiring of flexible employees smartly. Our Platform Enables Employers & Talent Suppliers to Hire & Manage Flexible employees

Streamlined Operations & Seamless Communications

Integrate existing systems and align your team

Data Insights allows you to align and integrate existing systems into our end-to-end management solution.  This ensures each process flows seamlessly, from creation to completion and invoice export.


With integrated cloud-based back-office, mobile app and customer self-service components, your entire team and customers can access the information they need from any device, at any time. 

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Simple & User-Friendly

It is critical for our customers to be up & running quickly, with each team member having a competent understanding of the tools they need to perform their jobs effectively. RouteMagic has been developed with ease-of-use in mind, promising a short learning curve so teams can maximise performance.


Seamless integrations

RouteMagic integrates with existing ordering and accounting systems, tightening the seams of your operation and promising smooth processing from order creation to fulfilment, invoice generation & export.

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Reporting & Analytics 

Without having access to the right data, it can be difficult to measure performance and growth. Our core reports module equips you with easy-to-digest, customisable reports to measure the profitability of different routes, drivers, customers, and products, on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions that promise results.


Vehicle Checks

Make sure drivers comply with safety regulations and submit vehicle inspections before they start their route each day.

Route Planning 

Plan call schedules for up to a week in advance, and optimise routes with specific ETA calculations to ensure orders are fulfilled, on time, every time. 

Driver Tracking 

Improve responsiveness and achieve crystal clear visibility for your teams with live route data, driver tracking, and automated delivery updates.


Minimise disputes and equip drivers with a single device to take electronic signatures, capture photographic PODs, and log all delivery details. 


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